Link the send message button to external link - on some profiles only

Hi, is it possible to link the “send message” button on a Job Listing to an external link (different in every listing)?

The idea is:

  • Each company (vendor) chooses the prefered job seeker’s application method;
  • There will be two application methods:
  1. “Send message” button as pre defined
  2. “Send message” button linking to an external link.

Is there any way to make this possible?

Or else, is there any way to delete the “Send Message” button in all the job listings from the companies who dont wish to use it ?

Thank you,

It’s possible, but this would require code customizations. For example, if you add a custom Checkbox in Listings/Attributes for this, then you can use its value to hide or change specific template parts via the hivepress/v1/templates/listing_view_page/blocks hook.

I see. Unfortunately I have only very basic coding skills and have been making use of the snippets most of the times.

Would this be something I would need to ask a developer? How much time would they have to dedicate to this?

Thank you,

We temporarily don’t offer customization services, but if there are only a few template-related changes required we can try to estimate these, please send a list of required changes via email to

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