"List a Property" button in RentalHive taking you to the wrong page

On the demo theme:

Clicking the “List a Property” button correctly takes you to a page with options to fill out your listing, plus a dropdown menu for the Categories:

But on my site, clicking the “List a Property” button takes you FIRST to a page with Category images:

You then need to choose a Category and then a Subcategory before you can move to the next page to fill out the rest of the details.



How do I bypass this categories page:

And go directly to the listing page:


Just hard code the /submit-listing/details/ URL to the button.

ERROR: The Categories dropdown list is missing on that page, so it’s like it has to go to the interim submit-listing/category/ page as a first step in the listing sequence.

Hivepress >> Settings
Listings Page: Display categories instead of listings

No, that only affects the Listings page (customer side), not the Post a Listing page (host side).

Any ideas?

Please make sure that you have the latest HivePress plugin version where choosing categories have been moved to /submit-listing/details/

When I click on the List a Service button, I too get directed to https://myhomepage/submit-listing/category/ where I have to select a category, before getting to the form. (I think I like it this way. Choosing a category from one single drop down menu takes a lot of scrolling. Please consider adding “child” dropdown menus based on the main category dropdown menu)

If I understand correctly, this is not intended anymore? I also have the category dropdown menu in the submit-listing form.

Hivepress v. 1.6.5

Is there any reason for not “supporting” the old category selcetion anymore?

HA! I can’t believe it was seriously as simple as updating my plugin. That worked - thanks! :rofl:

Yes, the Select Category page is being deprecated. It may still appear because of 2 reasons:

Okay I see. I’m most liekly using a snippet wlth the hook. Thank you

What is the reason for removing the category step?
It kind of made sense if you had alot of parent and child categories. The UX with a huge dropdown isnt very pleasant, if you’re not preparing for further improvements, that is. The list gets very long and teadious, and it’s tough to find the final child.

Might I suggest a step by step selection, just using dropdowns?


Yes, we plan to improve the UX by adding a multi-step drop-down. These were a few reasons for removing this page, category selection was required for Requests and Vendors (soon), but duplicating all the templates, template parts, category blocks for each entity wasn’t an option. There were also complaints about the UX of this page, currently if the category tree is not too big it’s possible to quicky select a child category with 1 click, and the listing submission now has just a single step (if there are no extra extensions like Paid Listings).

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