List message senders listings in received message for seller to click

Hi there, I have only sellers that “swap” items. I see that the message is sent containing the current username this is good, is it possible to include a clickable link to their current listing or listings for the receiving seller to view ? please.

Order i wish

  1. Have inserted ‘subject’ in message_send, very helpful
  2. Message’, existing so no change
  3. ‘Current listings link’ new tab or pop to view sending users listings

An alternative may even be making the “from current user” a clickable link

I hope i have explained this clearly and thank you in advance for any assistance

It should actually work this way by default, if the message is sent via the listing page, then the listing details should be included in the email, the email subject should be like “New reply to listing title ”. Also, the listing link should be displayed in a message in Account/Messages.

Hi and thank you for responding quickly, very much appreciated!

What i mean is A sends message to B. When B opens message is it possible that A’s username is a “clickable link” and also (if possible) shows A’s current listing titles “clickable link” for B to view in addition to reading message sent by A.

I hope i have explained this clearly and thank you in advance for any assistance

Yes, the listing title should be already clickable in Account/Messages, but usernames are not clickable in the current version because regular users don’t have front-end profile pages yet - we plan to improve this, though.
If you mean the message email, you can use this token for the listing URL: %listing_url%

Hi there,

Thank you for your message appreciate it!

All my users have a front end profile > do you have a snippet i could add to make the username clickable please - very grateful

Sorry, unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet for this - this would require customizations in the message template. Regular users don’t have front-end profiles in HivePress yet, only vendors (users with at least 1 listing, or if you enable direct vendor registration and all users are registered as vendors).

All users are registered as vendors. Is it possible to put a clickable link in the message area like when i added “subject” field?

thank you in advance

It’s possible, but unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require overriding the message-sender.php template part via a child theme and customizing it.

Understood. I am using a child theme and the message template option seems most practical. Where can i find a developer for this small project please?

Please try hiring any developer with good reviews on Fiverr or Upwork (with WordPress experience). We can provide some guidance to a third-party developer if required

Thank you for your direction! I have run a test and message-sender.php is indeed the file i wish to edit. I haven’t been able to make the child theme pickup the change though > what am i missing see below (i have tried 2 dir structures)

Please remove 2 directories from this template path, hivepress-messages and templates, the path should be hivepress/message/view. So it’s basically the same path as in HivePress, but with hivepress directory name instead of templates, then this template part will be overridden.

Thank you so much > child theme can see changes now after dir changes

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