List of issues and improvements/suggestions after extended testing

Hello Guys.

We have been doing some extended testing of our platform (that is powered by Hivepress), and have been collecting alot of feedback.

First off all - Let me just point out that overall, the feedback is vastly positiv. Hivepress covers much ground and does alot right, but that is not what this post is about.
This post is about constructive feedback, trying to improve Hivepress further, and is ment in the best of ways.

### Hivepress ###

  • Display of orders, both purchased and sold should be displayed in the same manner and have information about listing and vendor name or buyer name depending on current user role.
  • The orders overview page added by Hivepress is not mobile responsive.
  • The view orders page, that has the Complete/Deliver buttons, is also not looking good on mobile.
  • When giving a refund, adding a note, this note is only visible in WooCommerce on the backend. The buyer cannot see this notice at all.
  • Vendors can see the chat bubble, review and report buttons on their own listing block/pages. Small detail, but it would be more professional and give a better user experience to have these options hidden if the vendor is viewing he’s own listings.

### Marketplace ###

  • When requiring the vendor to “deliver” the order, and the buyer to “accept” the order, the “accept” button shows up right away. It should instead only show up when the vendor marks an order as delivered.
  • Dashbord shows total ammount and does not factor in the commission. So if a vendor sells a listing for 1000$, this ammount is added to the dashboard. If the commission is 20%
    and also another flat 5$, it should show 795$ in the dashboard.
  • “Manage Payouts on Stripe” only shows up when the “Dashboard” is selected. This menu-item should be visible no matter the current viewed page. If Stripe is enabled, it should be a regular menu item, within the current menu structure.

### Requests ###

  • Personal Requests from Vendors - Currently, customers can currently give personal requests to vendors, however, it would be usefull if the vendor could give personal “listings” to customers aswell, like on fiverr.
  • The menu with “offers” in the user-account displays prematurely, before an offer is made. There is no content when clicking the offers menu.
  • There is no clear distinction between personal requests and public requests. Also, the personal requests seems to bug up the “offers” menu aswell. Not done too much testing on this.

### Messages ###

  • It would be usefull to merge the message/chat with the other functionalities. For example there should be an notice when an order is marked as delivered from the vendor, and also when it is accepted or rejected.
    It would also make sense to have system messages here, like:

#Customer chat:
“Vendor B sent you a personal request, click here to open it”
"Personal requests Rejected. Reason “Too long delivery time, I need it within two weeks”.

#Vendor B chat:
“You sent a personal request to , click here to view it.”
" declined your request. Reason “Too long delivery time, I need it within two weeks”.


Thanks for testing and the detailed feedback, really appreciate this. I added this topic to our project management software, we’ll check it and break the suggestions into tasks if they match our roadmap, or add new features/improvements to the roadmap.

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