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Hi. In the past I inquired about enabling weekly and monthly rentals in addition to the daily booking on this forum, but you told me that I needed to hire a developer to add it. I have hired multiple high rated developers, but none of them were able to implement it. 3 months have already passed and can’t find the solution. According to them the obstacle is the complexity of the rentalhive plug-in and its interaction with Woocomerce. Do you have any suggestions how to add the feature to the website?

Here is what I want to achieve:

The property owner will choose from the drop-down menu whether he or she wants to list it by day, week, or month. Let’s say the owner chooses to list a property by week and indicates the price to be $100. It should show up on the property listing as $100/week, but people will still be able to book it by day. For instance, if someone wants to book it for one day, the website in the background should divide 100 by 7 and show the total price for the rental, $14.28. If someone wants to book it for 2 days, then 100 will be divided by 7 and multiplied by 2, which is 28.57 rounded as the total amount for a 2-day rental. The same logic will be applied to the monthly rentals. That is, if the monthly rental price is $100, it will be divided by 31 and multiplied by the amount of the day a person wants to rent it for.


Yes, there’s no such feature yet but we can try to estimate this as a custom work If I understand correctly, this is just a convenient way to set the base daily price for owners? If this doesn’t enforce the minimum booking duration (e.g. week or month) or enable recurring billing.

Correct. Airbnb has the same feature for monthly rentals, but I would like to keep the calendar view as it is in Rentalhive.

Does Airbnb require per-month rent (with a minimum of 1-month booking) or they also use it as another way to calculate prices (even daily ones)? If you mean just calculating the price this way we can try to help via customizations (please submit the requirements via the form above), but please note that some features may stop working (e.g. variable pricing feature logic is based on daily prices).

Airbnb uses to just calculate pricing. It does not automatically set a minimum 1-month booking. I don’t want to remove the option for property owners to set the minimum rental period from Rentalhive, though. I submitted the form yesterday.

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