Listing Creation & Vendor Search Questions

Hey Team,
we’re struggling a bit in providing our audience with the right platform… would love some guidance on the following questions!

#1 | How can we redirect the Vendor to the newly published listing after a listing is created? Additionally, how can we redirect to a specific page after membership is purchased?

#2 |How to Create a Separate Vendor Directory Page that only allows users to search & filter for Vendors within a specified Parent Category? Basically, rather than all Vendors being on one directory & users having 20+ Categories to filter between, only Vendors from a specific Parent category is displayed & users can filter with the Child Categorical options.

#3 | How can we specify where I want my Attributes to go on the listing template besides just “Primary” or “Secondary” Page? It’s difficult to create aesthetic “Listing” or “Vendor Profile” pages when the information is all clumped & stacked together.

#4 | How can we create a separate post type alongside “Add a Listing” & “Post a Request”? We want to add a post type where users/vendors can submit a video… ideally those could also have a rating system.

#5| Our workaround for the above goal is using a separate plugin for Front End forms & posts, but when we go to view the submitted posts the attributes can’t be found due to what we assume is the experthive theme restricting them. If this is the case, is there a way we can assign these non-experthive form/post submissions to a different post template?

#6 | How can we create separate “Add a Listing” pages that are specific (only offer category selections from one parent) to choose from. Our users are finding it hard to find the specific listing category they’d like to create as their are multiple similar listing options.

Sorry for the bulk of information just finding it difficult to customize the platform to our community’s current needs & though it’d be best to consolidate our questions to a single form. Thanks in advance guys!


  1. It’s possible if you disable moderation in listing settings, then there’s a redirect to a newly published listing instead of the “Thanks, we’ll review this listing as soon as possible…” page. If you mean the Memberships extension, there’s always a redirect to the user Memberships page but you can try customizing it if required.

  2. Please create a new page and set it as a Vendors page in HivePress/Settings/Vendors, it’ll display all vendors. Unfortunate there’s no way to restrict categories you added in Vendors/Categories, users will be able to search all the vendor profiles.

  3. Currently there are 2 display areas only, but it’s also possible to insert attributes in other areas with a simple code snippet (we can share an example if required). Also, we plan to add an option for creating custom display areas.

  4. You can try using third-party plugins like Pods fo this, but please note that custom post types will not get the HivePress functionality automatically, these are applied to the HivePress entities only (listings, vendors, requests…). I recommend using separate listing types instead of a new post type if possible, since you can set category-specific attributes and the listing forms can be completely different depending on the selected category.

  5. We don’t restrict any third-party post types, please try refreshing permalinks after adding a new post type, custom post types should be visible but they’ll probably use the default blog post template. Integrating third-party post types into the HivePress framework would require customizations.

  6. You can re-build any of the HivePress layouts using Templates Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube but the listing submission form always shows a drop-down of all the available categories to choose from. You can also enable a separate Select Category page using this code snippet This way users can select a category from the grid and navigate it (instead of a drop-down).

Hope this helps.

Hey ihor,
Awesome thanks we were able to create a template & decided to use the “Listing” feature for our media features… A few followup questions regarding these things!

#1 | Are we Restricted to only 1 listing template for all listing categories? So, for example someone listing a service (such as web design) will HAVE to have their attributes on the same listing page template as someone listing a video.

#2 | How do we change the “Add a Listing” text on the header? We’d like it to say “Make a Post” or something similar.

#3 | As for the inserting attributes, could we get a bit more detail regarding how to create & implement the code snippets?

#4 | As for the “Separate Select Category Section” how would we go about using this code snippet? I created the snippet & inserted the Short code on a page & nothing appeared in the preview.

Things are coming together so far, thanks a bunch!

  1. If there are separate listing categories for video and web design services you can create category-specific attributes for them, so listings within different categories will have different fields.

  2. Please check this instruction How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

  3. This would require at least basic development skills, if you’re familiar with WordPress customizations or have a developer for custom work please check this tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube It’s possible to display any attribute value this way:

echo $listing->display_attributenamehere();

  1. Please let me know which snippet you mean, if it’s a HivePress snippet from Gist you can add it via the Code Snippets plugin, shortcodes are not required.

Hey ihor,
Thanks for your answers as always!

I’m not too familiar with Wordpress Customizations, is there a straightforward way/work around just to either #1 | Create a new template block “Page Block 3” or #2 | Create a Snippet that calls on that Attribute, convert to short code, & Insert it into the template?

The #1 doesn’t require any code changes, please edit an attribute in Listings/Attributes and assign it to a category (in the right sidebar), then this attribute field will appear for listings within this category only.

Unfortunately there’s no simple snippet for #2, this depends on the attribute name, type and other requirements (e.g. the place where it should be added).

Hey ihor,
Thanks a lot for your help.
Few follow-up questions/issues we’ve been facing:

  1. When our Users try to Register nothing happens, they are stuck on the Register Popup. I’ve tried to refresh the Permalinks & nothing is fixed.
  2. Can I feature specific memberships rather than all of them together?
  3. What loco translate plugin do I navigate to to change the “list a service” text in the header?
  4. How can I redirect after the membership is purchased to the listing creation process? Right now, our users are directed to the area where it says “Membership Active” without any instruction to add a listing.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Please also try to disable all third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any custom code snippets that can be disabled). For example, this issue may be caused by the caching or security plugins.

  2. Currently there’s no such feature for the Membership Plans block, but we’ll consider adding it.

  3. It should be available in Loco/Themes/ExpertHive section.

  4. The Memberships extension is not related to vendors by default, since these don’t restrict any listing features, they restrict viewing specific pages or attributes, so currently there’s no such redirect option. For example, the Paid Listings extension restricts adding listings, so selecting the listing package is a step in the listing process, and there’s a redirect to a newly created listing when the package is paid.

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