Listing expiration task is not running


I have set up the expiration date for listings, but they are not expiring. I checked the scheduled tasks in wordpress and I can’t see anything expiring listings.

Is there any way to set it up or run it manually? I already tried to deactive and active hivepress with no success.


This action is still scheduled using the basic WordPress cron API, but we plan to move it to Action Scheduled (it has logs and other features, you probably checked its tasks in Tools/Scheduled Tasks). If listings don’t expire this may be a caching issue because WordPress cron runs only if triggered by a website visitor on the front-end.

I disabled all caching but they don’t expire yet… Is it possible to run it manually?

Sorry, it’s not possible for the default WordPress cron, but we plan to update HivePress this weekend and this action will be switched to Action Scheduler.

That will be great. Thanks.

Hi @ihor,

I didn’t see any updates on HivePresss, but checked the Action Scheduler and saw the Hivepress tasks there, but for some reason they are not running and the listings are not expiring. I disables/enabled the plugin with no luck.

Any idea on how can I expire the listings?

Thanks for yout help!

There were no changes regarding this scheduled event yet, but we couldn’t reproduce this issue locally and there are no other bug reports regarding this - maybe there’s a specific caching solution enabled by the hosting provider that prevents the recurring WordPress events from running?

In any case, we plan to switch this event to Action Scheduler as soon as possible because it seems to be more reliable.

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Hi Folks,

I’m having the same issue here. Even when you manually change the expiration date(s) to a date before, the listing(s) remain up. Ihor, is there a way to bypass this?

Update: same thing for the feature expiry date; as a temporary fix found a plugin which expires posts but can’t expire the feature function itself.


Thanks for the details, I’ll re-test this - maybe we broke the regular corn jobs by adding the new Action Scheduler, will check this before releasing an update this weekend.

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You are the best, thank you! Do let me know if you ever need me to check anything from my end which could be of use. -William

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I checked this issue before the today’s update and everything seems to be ok - all hourly, daily and monthly hooks should be available in Action Scheduler. If the expiration task is not running, please check it in Tools/Scheduled Actions/Pending, there should be a hivepress/v1/events/hourly action. You can click Run to run it manually and check if this expires listings with the past expiration date. If the task is not there, please re-activate HivePress, there’s a function that should add these tasks.

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