Listing hide option from backend / admin


i would to be able to select the hide / show listing button from the backend when validating a listing and when editing a listing from backend, what can i do to customize this?

Hiding listings is the same to changing the listing status to Draft on back-end so you can simply change the listing status and click Update.

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Hi Ihor, I tried to change the visibility of a listing but think there is a bug.

Explanation: I want to hide only 1 listing published so it doesn’t appear in the listing form and only the people I share the link can see it.

I created an specific category for that listing and managed to successfuly hide it thanks to a code snippet you shared several times across the blog. However I cannot hide the listing ad.

I tried changing the visibility in wordpress backend from visible to Password Protected but no modal appear in the page asking for the password.

Any suggestion?


Unfortunately, there is currently no such status in the listing, so as not to show it on the Listings Page and in the category, but only directly through the URL, but thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

Ok, I see.

I also found out that if I set the page as Private, the expected default behavior from Wordpress is to only show the page to Admin and Editor roles users. However, when done this and click on buy and error popups.

It seems like the whole workflow breaks when a listing status is different to Visible + Published.

I look forward to see this functionality live in further versions since I believe that this use case can be really valuable for other: E.g.: I negotiate a special service or price or listing condition with 1 specific client, so I create an express listing individual for this client and share with them a link so only they can see the listing and no other users does.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.


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