Listing image not showing

Image of the listing is not showing the image of the product or service of the listing, but the image of the seller. How do I fix?

To recap my problem: what is actually happening is that when I click on “vendor” a default page appears for everyone. Profile and listings are not showing. I’ll put the link here:

Please clarify which theme you’re using, if you use ExpertHive it shows the vendor profile images by default, it’s possible to switch this but a custom code snippet is required.

Hi! I apologize, I didn’t explain properly.

I will explain according to the video I recorded and attached here.

Tema: ExpertHive

Plugins: HivePress, HivePress Blocks, HivePress Claim Listings, HivePress Favorites, HivePress Marketplace, HivePress Messages, HivePress Requests, HivePress Reviews, HivePress Tags

I redid a homepage with the Elementor plugin, because the Wordpress editor was all messed up.

Okay, I have two problems that I was able to identify:

1st Problem: When making a new homepage inserting the ‘vendor’ widgets which in my case is “HR Consultants”. However, according to the video, clicking on the HR Consultant does not take you to his profile page with the services he offers.

2 Problem: In this homepage I made, I want the same page to have the services of these “HR Consultants”, with these services. However, according to the video, the photos are not appearing, even though this photo exists in that service.

I would like to know, please, how to solve these problems? Well, I’m going to launch my platform soon.

Thanks for the details.

  1. Please make sure that the vendor template is not overridden in HivePress/Templates section, it looks like a “test” template is created there, so it overrides the vendor profile pages.

  2. In ExpertHive, listings show the vendor profile photo (not the first listing gallery photo), because this theme design is more about vendors. For example, if these are photography services it’s more important which photographer is this, and users can check the photo examples on the listing page if required.

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Yes, you are right. There was a “test” template saved there, I deleted it and everything was fine.
  2. About the product images, what is happening is that when I edit in wordpress putting the “product” widget, its photo appears (on the back end), however when I enter the site on the front end this photo does not appear. I would like to know if there is any way to make this photo of the “product” appear on the front end?
    I recorded a video to illustrate how it happens:

HivePress has no Products widget, maybe you’re using the WooCommerce one? If you’re using our Marketplace extension please ignore WooCommerce products, HivePress uses these for payment purposes only (it creates and syncs a hidden product for each paid listing). You can edit HivePress listings in WordPress/Listings section.

Ok, thank you for everything.

Hi @yevhen what is the custom code snippet for changing the image of the seller to the product or service?

Unfortunately, there’s no such option since vendors can have multiple listings, but it may be possible vice versa, for example, some of our themes (e.g. ExpertHive) show the vendor profile image instead of the listing featured image on the search pages.

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