Listing picture coming up multiple times on listing page

When going into the listing page the picture shows up multiple times so even when a click on left or right it shows the same picture again and again (i just uploaded 1 picture)


We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay.

Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

i think that WPML caused it does it make sense?

Yes, currently there’s no 100% integration with WPML, I guess it duplicates attachments for each of the available languages, this is the way WPML works - they have a duplicate of WordPress content for each of the language you add.

Which other plugin that can make the website multilingual, does fully integrate with no issues

You can try Polylang but currently there’s no 100% integrated solution, I recommend some automatic solution like Google Translate, because multilingual plugins duplicated content and cause performance issues, if content on your site is added by users you’d also have to translate it for them or force them to keep the translation up-to-date. Another approach is using different subdomains.

I tried polylang but its too complicated to set up, I think translate Press is the best option, but the main issue is the RTL slider, i saw this thread

but how do i operate if one language is RTL and one LTR?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this, if you want to keep both languages within the same website with user-generated content there will be issues (for example, users may leave reviews in different languages - you’ll have hard time translating everything for them and keeping translations up-to-date). For switching LTR/RTL you’d also have switch CSS styles somehow when the language is switched.

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