Listing Request - inform the Vendor that a Listing is requested

Which Email do I have to use to inform the Vendor that a Listing was requested?

Please, clarify what you mean by requesting a listing. If it’s a booking request, try selecting the Booking Requested email Event.

Hi Yana, so yes, its a booking request and I have set this up. But what happens is if someone sends a Booking Request the Vendor gets an Email. I would like to set up that also the User is informed about what has been requested.

Sorry, there’s no such email at the moment - in the current version users don’t get emails about their own actions, e.g. when a message is sent the user sending the message doesn’t get an email (only the message recipient does since there’s no way for them to know if they have a new message without visiting the website). In the same way, since the user filled the booking form and clicked Request Booking they are not notified about this since it’s their own action. They are notified if something changes about their request, e.g. it’s accepted or declined.

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