Listings are not attaching to the Vendors in database bug

Hello. Noticed that Vendor have 25 Listings
But. In the backend admin panel there is only 6 Listings on that Vendor.

Fixed by: changing something in the description and “Updating” listing via backend. After that Listing is attaching to the Vendor. But still…why they didnt attaching at first?

I mean DB already knows that Vendor have 25 listings. Its shows 25 listings in Vendor’s personal page. But why DB doesnt show that 25 listings in admin panel it shows only 6?

Live example:
Search results by Vendor name:Гульбану
Shows 8 listings.

Now going to Vendor’s personal page:
And there is 25 listings. DB lost 17 listings somewhere :slightly_frowning_face:

These are not imported listings. Clearly added by vendor from frontend listings

Noticed that if you search by original WP_username its shows that 17 lost Listings:
But if you try to search other’s vendors by its original WP_username it will show 0 results.
Something really strange happening here. I think 0 results for WP_username is normal behavior. Why Gulbanu’s 17 listings can be found only by WP_username, and the other 8 by Vendor name. Thats a question.

Maybe this bug occured because of those 17 listings were added before Vendor name “Гульбану” was set? And HivePress took WP_username as a Vendor name instead.

Please make sure that there’s a 1-to-1 relationship between users and vendors (each vendor has a separate linked user). Also, you can try re-saving user profiles, this will sync their details with linked vendors and details like usernames, names, etc will be up to date. Listings and vendors are linked via the post_parent field (vendor ID is set in the post_parent field for listings).

Yes its 1 to 1.

Didnt helped re-saving WP user profile and HivePress Vendor profile :frowning:

Helping only resaving every listing. Im 95% sure that is because that user added those listings before “Vendor title” was set in HivePress Vendor Profile

If there’s a bug please send the steps for reproducing it locally, e.g.

  1. Register as a new user.
  2. Add a listing and publish it.
  3. Check the vendor page, the listing count is incorrect.

Or something similar, this would really help to detect the issue (and save time for our developers), if there’s a bug it’ll be fixed.

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