Listings have long vertical spaces inside and outside the slider

Greetings, everyone…

This is my first experience in designing websites using WordPress and HivePress ever.

I am using listinghive theme and hivepress plugins.
Well, I am having this weird problem.
When I view my listings, they have huge vertical spaces inside and outside the slider!
Moreover, the listing attributes are not showing! I had to change the theme to twentytwentythree in order to find the attributes at the very end of the freakishly stretched page! (I will upload screenshots in a minute)

I spent three days browsing the web for an answer to remove the huge spaces but couldn’t find any.

**Please, take a look at the attached photos.

Could you please help me?!
I am getting really frustrated because of this weird issue.



Please check if the same issue occurs on the demo site, e.g. try to add a listing with the same images If not, then please try disabling third-party plugins, this issue may be caused by incorrect calculation of the image height, e.g. if there are any image/JS optimization plugins.

Hi ihor,
Thank you for answering me!

I tried the demo site, and it worked fine!
So, I followed your advice and started closing my plugins one by one, then after closing the third one it worked!!!

Thank you very much for helping me…
Respect! :pray:

P.S. The plugin name was “Ad Inserter”. I figured out that I didn’t have to remove it, I simply had to reset its settings to defaults.

Again, thanks…

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