Listings sorted by published date rather than date added

Is there a way to sort listings by published date rather than date added in the listings section?
On the main page the featured listings show up by publication date but when you click on the categories they are sorted by date added so they are reversed.

There should be the same order by default, HivePress uses the same post_date field for sorting as WordPress uses for the archive pages (e.g. the Listings page). If this issue persists please send more details, and make sure that the sorting criteria are set to Date in the Listings block on the home page.

No, they are different. I’ve had to change the published dates on the listings so that the ones that have been there the longest appear at the top on the home page but they don’t appear in that same order on the category listings page. You can see what I mean here: scroll down to featured and here: Restaurants - Eating Out In Doncaster on the actual category page they do not appear in the same order.

I noticed that there are 5 featured listings at the top of the Listings page, please note that these are displayed randomly - you define the number of slots for the featured listings and HivePress randomly rotates featured listings within the allowed spots, it works similarly to Google Ads when there’s a limited number of paid ads at the top.

P.S. Please make sure that caching/optimization is set up correctly, it seems that the styles are broken on the home page Screenshot by Lightshot

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