Listings without all the possible filterable attributes don't appear after filtering

I am currently facing some problems with filters in Hivepress listings.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve created a few attributes, some of them are required and some of them are not. After that, I’ve added some listings, which had only required attributes. After trying to filter them, I discovered an issue.

Actual result

For some reason, I can’t see any listings, which don’t have all the filterable attributes. If listing has all the possible filterable attributes, it’s fine, it shows up after filtering, but if listing is missing atleast 1 attribute from filters, it doesn’t appear in a filtered listings list.

Extra details

To be more specific, I have a car listing website and filterable attributes Price, Year, Brand and Power. If all the listings have all these attributes, everything’s fine, but if a car doesn’t have, for example, power info, it won’t show me this car after filtering, even if all the rest filters fit it.

Thanks for the details. There’s a known issue with the Number Range, it filters listings even if boundary values are selected - this will be fixed as soon as possible. Let me know if this issue persists with any other attribute types.

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Good day. Has this been fixed? I am having a similar issue.

No, this is not fixed yet but we’re working on it.

Hi Ihor,

When you say number range boundary being a known issue, do you mean filtering only on the lowest or highest value not working? That’s the issue I’m having.

Thank you so much for everything you do!

This bug is finally fixed in the latest version, now if the boundary values are selected in the number range this basically means “show all” so listings without this number value are also returned. If users adjust the range, then the filter is applied.

The lowest/highest range values are based on the published listings, if the highest value is not correct please try to re-save a listing.

Is there a workaround?

For example, the highest value based on listings is 4 bedrooms, but I won’t be able to filter listing to just 4 bedrooms in the current setting. I’ll have to do 3-4 bedrooms. However if I want to find 2 bedrooms, I can just filter to 2 to 2.

It seems to be a different issue than described in this topic, do you mean that it’s not possible to slide both handles to the maximum value, but it’s possible for other values in the range?

Hi Ihor, correct, having both sliders on the max value (or both on the min value) would show all listings instead of the filtered value.

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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