Location search conflicts with Algolia

As soon i activate the algolia plugin the Filter and search of hive breaks in geolocation listings.

As soon as i deactivate the algolia search everything works fine again, any suggestions?
I dont need agolia in hive but i need it in woo commerce

thank you in advance

Please send more details about this issue, does it occur only when you search listings by location, is it ok when you search by keywords or other filters (e.g. category).

as soon as i activate algolia in backend or instantsearch, hive search and filter stops completely to work.

when i filter with categories or by attribute or enter a location for distance results nothing works anymore all stops working. just install algolia and you will see that all stops working and as soon it is turned off everything works again.

Thanks for the details, we’ll test this tomorrow and if there’s a simple temporary fix we’ll share it before the release.

thank you, i did apply a workaround but i thought it is good for you to know for other maybe affected users

great support!

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any progress?
for me only the “in the backend” option is relevant


Unfortunately, there is no simple temporary solution to fix this bug. We will check this bug in more detail and try to release an update as soon as possible.

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