Locations on imported listings aren't populating in Google Maps

When using the HivePress import feature, the locations are being added correctly but they’re not populating in Google Maps. I have to manually edit the location of each imported listing for it to appear in Google Maps.

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

@yevhen Is there a timeframe on when this bug might be fixed?

It is planned to fix this bug next week

I have thousands of listings that I plan on importing this week; if I import them before the bug fix, will the addresses populate in Google Maps after the fix takes place, or do I need to wait to import the listings until after the bug fix for the locations to populate correctly in Google Maps?

Please let me know if you plan to import the CSV file containing latitude/longitude columns or just text addresses? The fix will allow importing coordinates (latitude/longitude) but fetching these based on text addresses may require further development.

If there are just text addresses and it’s urgent you can also try using the advanced import plugins, for example, WP All Import.

I can use latitude/longitude. Do you know what day this week the fix will be implemented?

Sorry for the delay, update will be during this week

@yevhen Is there a status update on this bug fix?

Yes, it’s still planned for this week - just a bit more testing is required.

Following up on the status of this bug fix.

This one’s planned for the next 1-2 days max, sorry for the delay - we had to update the HivePress core, Messages and Bookings first Release Notes - HivePress Community

Following up again on the status of this.

The Import is already updated, but another update is required on the Geolocation extension’s side. Please use this temporary fix (you can remove it once the Geolocation extension is updated):

	function( $attributes ) {
		if ( isset( $attributes['location'] ) ) {
			$attributes['latitude']['edit_field']['label']  = 'Latitude';
			$attributes['latitude']['edit_field']['_order'] = 36;

			$attributes['longitude']['edit_field']['label']  = 'Longitude';
			$attributes['longitude']['edit_field']['_order'] = 37;

		return $attributes;

Once you add it, the Latitude and Longitude fields will become available for mapping.

Great. Thanks Ihor.

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