Locking the Listing Taxonomy

I dont want to allow vendors to post a listing.
Instead I want the Customer to see only Vendors.
How can i lock or remove the listing taxonomy from all users?

If that isnt possible, because alot of functionality seems to rely on listing, here is my second approach to my problem:

How can hide the Vendor taxonomy, so that the customer can only see listings?
Additionally, I would need to limit each vendor to one listing.
Would this be possible?

There are 2 possible solutions:

  • Using listings as vendor profiles instead of vendors, is a better solution if you need features that are not available for vendors yet (favourites, reviews, location search…). In this case please disable vendors in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Display section.
  • Removing all the listing pages and search forms from the site, and using the Vendors page & search form only.

It is possible to restrict the number of listings for all users with this code snippet Limit the maximum number of listings per user account #hivepress #listings · GitHub

awesome thank you

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