Login problem due to LiteSpeed

Hello, we noticed a problem with the Litespeed plugin (whose customer support is really not as good as yours!!)

It is impossible for us to connect to the admin account via the front-end, each connection attempt remains unsuccessful.

In addition, when a user creates an account, he is sent back to our admin account after checking his email.

Expected result

Connection work good

Extra details

  • We just switched to a Litespeed server.
  • The plugin is returned to the default values, without success.

Thanking you for taking the time to respond to us.


If I understand you correctly, please check this tutorial How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog.

Thank you for your answer andrii, unfortunately the question does not concern the setting of LS but a conflict at the connection level. When we first log in to the front-end admin account, nothing happens. Then when we create an account (customer type - in test mode) after try to connect at us admin account, it is redirected to our admin account after verification of the email.

No problem on the other hand if no connection to our admin account is made before connection to create an account

Yes, I understand that this is related to the login process, but the “Cache logged-in users…” option causes 99% of similar issues. If you tested different settings and this issue persists, please send temporary WP access link to support@hivepress.io You can create it using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Ok thank you @ihor,

“Cache logged in user” isn’t activate, nothing change…

We try to join LS by mail. if it does not help to identify the problem we will contact you to check if a conflict does not occur with hivepress👌

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