Main Search Field on Rental Hive

I have added the categories search field to the main search box on the Rental Hive home page and it’s put it as a dropdown. Is there a way to make it a search field where the user starts to type a search and it comes up with suggestions from the categories you have created like you have on the google search. I want it to be limited to just the categories I have created so they have to pick one of them. I hope this makes sense. So for example if it was location based and they were looking for rentals in say Oxford they would start to type Oxford and it would come up. I want to control the search and not use a google map search.

I am trying to create a website with 50-60 locations and I don’t want a massive dropdown list.

Please try using the Regions feature in Geolocation for this instead of categories, I recommend using categories for distinct property types (this will allow adding category-specific attributes and other features if required). If there are many categories a search field should appear within the drop-down, there is a known bug related to this but it’ll be fixed in the next update. You can also remove the Keywords field in HivePress settings.

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