Make listings fixed prices, but booking seller can be booked hourly

I realized when people create listings, those listings have variable pricing based which confuses the buyer. I would like the packages to be fixed price and the seller can also be booked hourly, which would be variable based on time. If that makes sense.

There are 2 ways to monetize listings using the Marketplace extension.

  • Set the listing price, this will add the Buy Now form to the listing page. The price is fixed, but you can also enable Price Extras and Tiers in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling to allow adding the pricing tiers and extras for a listing. You can also enable the quantity field. This form redirects users to checkout.

  • If you also use Bookings, this extension replaces the Buy Now form with Book Now, then the Price is used as “per day” if you enabled date-based bookings, or “per time slot” if you enabled time slots.

Please choose one of these workflows. You can also make bookings specific to some categories, listings within other categories will function via the Marketplace only (without the booking form). This way you can keep sellable and bookable listings within the same site.

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Ahh, that makes sense. I think it was a copy misunderstanding. “per day” is the same thing as fixed price…

Yes, it’s a fixed price but it’s multiplied by the number of days with Bookings.

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