Make partial payments on a house rental

Hi I want to introduce a system of payments on my rental shop (its like airbnb) in which you can pay 2 months of the 6 months reservation for example at the first moment.

Thank you!!!

Hello @ignacio.aja I use a deposit plugin for something like that.

The name is acowebs

What you are referring to they call “payment plans”. If you search plugins using this keyword “woocommerce payment plans” , you will see there are many plugins that allow you to create ways to pay, like receive 10, 20, 40% first, etc


Unfortunately there’s no such option yet, but a third-party deposit plugin for WooCommerce may work for this purpose. Also the Marketplace has a built-in security deposit feature, but it charges a custom amount on top of the existing booking total.

I saw that you always say that you are going to implement it, you should do it asap…It is a key feature for a house rental…

Thanks for your feedback, yes these are still some essential features missing but we’re working without weekends to deliver updates and build the HivePress dev community, so we’ll try to implement partial payments as soon as possible. In the initial Bookings version, there were no time-based bookings, time zones, quantity-based discounts, automatic completion, price extras, only manual payouts and many features were missing.

We appreciate your efforts Ihor

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