Make price optional and change the booking mode per listing

I bought the expert hive theme and some extensions for construction workers.

I don’t like the booking system’s hidden attributes because it’s not flexible for different concepts.

The price attribute in the listing is a fixed day or night value and I need it to be editable and allow us input custom values like per hr, per service, per sqm, per ft etc
Also the price is by default a required field, I think this shouldn’t be so- i need it to have an option to be left blank…


If you process payments for bookings directly via the website, then the Marketplace extension is required and it has a built-in Price field because without the price the extension will not function. If you use Bookings + Marketplace, you can switch nightly, daily or time-based booking mode in HivePress/Settings/Bookings globally or per-category, but unfortunately there’s no such per-listing option yet.

If you don’t accept booking payments via the website, please disable Marketplace - in this case you can add a completely custom Price field, and an extra Period attribute (e.g. of Select type with “day”, “week”, “hour” etc. options) and use its value in the price Display Format. This way vendors will be able to set the price amount and period to indicate.



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