Make the layout wider on desktop

Hi HivePress Team,

Is there an easy way to have the listing page extended, so it covers the entire screen, from the left edge to the right edge? There is too much space wasted.

I know how to change the column number, but this does not solve the problem and looks quite ugly, because it squeezes the individual listings too much.

If it was from left to right, there would be enough space for 3 or even 4, 5 columns, depending on the screen size.

If so, would it be possible the to have to columns adjust automatically. Similar to this “unknown” rental platform.

15,6" screen

24" screen - the individual listings have still the same size even though there is more columns.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation (it is possible to make the container wider and add more columns using CSS customizations).

Also, we will try to improve the layout in the following updates.