Make usernames clickable and add profile images

Hi there,

  1. a missing feature is the link to sender and recipient within a chat.

  2. Additionally it would be nice to see a very small, round Thumbnail of the user right next to the username.

Is there a snippet for 1) ?

Good suggestion that should be pretty easy to implement.

These small improvements will take it to the next level


Please share more details, do you mean links to user and vendor profiles? If so then these are planned for the next Messages and Reviews updates.


Hi Ihor,
yes, I think we’re on the same page here.

  1. My suggestion was to have the usernames linked to their profiles (because that’s what you intuitively do when you want to check the gigs/profile again)
  2. Also a thumbnail right next to the username would make it more personal to whom I’m talking to.

I’ve highlighted both suggestions in red in my screenshot. (of course there should be a little padding from left before that thumbnail.

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Igor, you and your team are amazing! This feature is really essential. My users have been sharing their WhatsApp in messages, as it is not attractive or reliable to follow in the chat as it is. Is there already a date?

Sorry, there’s no ETA but we will try to make these adjustments as soon as it’s possible.