Make vendor image square

hello, it is possible to make the logo square instead of a circle, it remains difficult for the user to understand what size he should use to upload his logo. thank you for the help.

Please try this CSS snippet

.hp-vendor--view-block .hp-vendor__image img{
	border-radius: 0;

it does not work

Please make sure that you added it as a CSS snippet in Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS, not PHP one (via the Code Snippets plugin). It seems to work when tested locally.

I can not enter it is paid, can I at least know to indicate to users what is the size in px of the circle? I have tried several measures but none gave good results (70px-80px-90px-100px-150px-200-px-400px) What is the measure? I also tried with inspect me from 160px but then the writings do not fit well in the circle (USER LOGO). Thanks for your help.

The Styless-CSS is paid, I tried entering in the theme-child editor, now it’s Ok

The minimum recommended size is 400x400px, but you can adjust this (the Square Small size) in Settings/Media. Please add CSS snippets to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS, it’s a built-in WordPress feature and it’s free - if you get any paywalls maybe you’re trying to add CSS via a third-party plugin.

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