Making price or tiers optional but one of them must be filled out

Hi guys, so thanks to your snippets, I made the price-field optional.

I find it confusing, that the user can set a price, but when they set tiers, it will just ignore the value of the price field instead of adding it. So now there are two ways for me for which I would need help:

A) Make both fields optional (price and tiers price) but the user needs to chose one of them.
B) Make the price-field required, but it should be added to any of the tiers, so if the price is 100€ and the client chooses for a tier which costs 50€, the tier-price must be added to the total amount, which would be 150€.

Is there a code snippet for these solutions?

Please consider leaving it as is because it seems to work this way by default. If you don’t want tiers by default - just set the price (this is 1 tier). If you want several options - enter the tier and leave any price in the field, the first tier will overwrite it.

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