Manage schedule availability of child listings inside mother listing

Hi Team,

Right now the booking availability can be managed on a per listing basis in RentalHive. We have created sub-listings to be booked separately inside the main listing via ‘Extras’. Is there a way to manage the availabilities of the line items identified in ‘Extras’ section?

The scenario we are trying to test is say for example, one listing can have a livable area of 10K SQM. Inside that area are rooms that can be booked by different people on the same date. Just checking if this is existing functionality or will have to be developed further? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature. It’s not possible without advanced customizations yet, but there may be 2 possible workarounds:

  • Using Price Extras if you have the Marketplace extension, then there may be different prices for the same listing
  • Using “per vendor” mode - this merges all the vendor listing calendars into a single one, so it’s not possible to book 2 listings of the same vendor for the same time, it’s useful if vendors have a single timeline and listings are just variations of the possible services