Manual paid plans and woocommerce orders not shown in Hivepress listings management

When a vendor makes a purchase paid listing (plan/package) and is waiting for payment confirmation in WooCommerce, Hivepress must show that a customer is waiting for payment confirmation in woocommerce, so that the Listing was submitted can be viewed before the payment is confirmed.

Currently, when a vendor chooses the option of manual payment or payment by check in woocommerce, after submitting the list and selecting the paid package during payment, it must wait for the manual approval of the site administrator, and in this case, I can only see that a vendor has placed an order in woocommerce and vendor is waiting for manually payment confirmation, but I can’t see his listing because it won’t be shown in the Hivepress listings until the payment is confirmed. After I confirm payments in woocommerce orders it’s shown in Hivepress as unpublished and waiting for moderation Listings!

Thanks for reporting this issue, I added it to the bug tracker. Currently if there’s Processing or Completed status, the listing stays in auto-draft, so it’s not visible in WordPress/Listings until the order status is changed (this should occur immediately with online payment methods, but not with offline ones that require manual processing like bank transfers).

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Thanks, Yes. this bug is only for offline payments methods.

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