Manually Moderation any changes or Add new Photo/Pic/Images for Listings or Vendors/Users Profile Photos or Descriptions

How to make the manual review for admins if users modify/change or add new photos of an ad or listing?

  1. I want check and review any listing changes or modifications manually (title,description,photos,tags,…)

  2. Also I want check and review users and vendors profile photos and descriptions before publishing and any modifications must need manually review and manual approval

If it custom attribute which you have added manually in Listings/Attributes then please try to edit an attribute and check the Manually approve changes option for this attribute

If it is a prebuilt attribute that is added with HivePress or its extension then please check this code snippet Moderate any listing title or description changes (switch status to Pending) #hivepress #listings · GitHub
It makes the listing title and description required to be moderated/reviewed. If you are familiar with code customization then please try this code snippet for other prebuilt attributes


Thanks for your reply, would you please update this snippet for images; new photos, because when someone change or add photos it must wait for moderation and admin confirmation for publishing after reviews.
Please let me know how can I find or visit form filed or website .

Please try this PHP snippet

	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['images']['_moderated'] = true;

		return $form;

Thanks it’s working but only for Listing page.
How about vendors profile photo and vendors profile descriptions?
I want When vendors edit or change their profile photo or description need manual moderation.

Would you please check this.

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Unfortunately, there’s no such option for vendor profiles yet, only listings have it for specific attributes. By default, vendor profiles are initially moderated via their listings (if the first submitted listing is not approved, the vendor profile is not created).

Hi yehhen,

Thank you for your reply.
I have bought taskhive plugin.
I was also wondering if there was a way for admin to moderate profile description once the vendor changes it.Like, it goes back to pending when vendor changes it.
Please consider this functionality in future.
Thank you.

There’s no such feature at the moment, but thanks - we’ll consider adding the same moderation features for vendor profiles as for listings.

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