Marketplace only for one user

Hi. How do I turn off the marketplace (payment) for all bookings except one user?

And like turn off
Tiers, Extras and Discounts from the advertisement adding form for all, excluding only one user.

My point is that only the website owner can sell bookings, other ads should work without a marketplace

Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, this would require advanced customizations. You can restrict Bookings/Marketplace to specific listing categories though, so there may be a workaround if you use separate top-level categories.

How can I restrict Marketplace to specific listing categories?

You can restrict these features to certain categories:

  • Go to HivePress>Settings>Bookings>Availability (for bookings)
  • HivePress>Settings>Listings>Selling (for marketplace).
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hello, I acquired all the Hivepress plugins for an all-in-one platform project. I have the same questions for my project. The problem with the current solution we must have to duplicate the categories under other names to be able to do it I think. for example Have a category Vehicles with marketplace activated and another category automobiles without Marketplace .
My proposal for future updates would be to be able to also activate Marketplace, and or reservation by Supplier. This would make the process easier to set up. That said, you are doing a great job and thank you for all these improvement efforts. Best regards.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding per-vendor option to enable Marketplace.

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It doesn’t work for me :frowning: I have 2 categories: “hotel” and “super”. I have booking set for both categories, while marketplacy is only for the “super” category. For bookings in the “hotel”, the payment button appears at registration, but there is an error “something went wrong”

This option doesn’t work for me. Payment appears on all bookings from other categories.

Booking its enable for all categories.

After clicking pay for an advertisement outside the “super wypoczynek” category, the error “Something went wrong” appears

Is it possible to fix it?

If you have both Bookings and Marketplace, then Marketplace categories should also cover the Booking categories, because Bookings detect that the Marketplace is installed in this case so bookings require payments.

Shouldn’t it be compared and activate the marketplace only for the selected category?

I think it would make sense then.

The idea is that reservations do not require payment if they are not in a certain category. It is very important :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a temporary requirement and we’ll try to improve this, if Bookings are used with Marketplace then there can’t be categories without the Price, but you can keep “bookable” and “purchasable” listings in separate categories within the same site.

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