"member since date" wrong after import users

Hello, I just imported users from old website, unfortunatelly couldnt import them to become vendors directly, they are all “subscriber” users.

So I allowed “direct registration” for vendors and I am including manually the info that couldnt be imported correctly.

I noticed that the registration date was imported correctly for all users, but this date isnt used anymore after vendor is created?

My question is about the date that shows “Member since…” I have some members that registered in 2019, but after including them as vendors, the date is today.

Is it possible to make so that the user registration date is actually the date that shows on “Member since”?

Can I change manually this somewhere so the date is correct?

I found a plugin that allows to edit user registration date, but that date is correct. How to edit “Vendor registration date” so it is the same as the user in this case?

Thanks for all the support.

Please let me know if you used our Import extension or a third-party one like WP All Import. If vendor profiles are imported directly they will get the current date, but we added this to the bug tracker and this will be fixed in the next update.

Hi @yevhen thank you.

I tried wpimport and also webtoffee Import, didnt try yours because I believe it is more for listings, and I want to import users as vendors. At the end I used the plugin webtoffee import.

The biggest problem is that it is not possible to import a user as a vendor directly, I can only chose them to change from subscriber to contributor, etc… but cant make them vendors.

I imported all data I could, wich is:

  • email
  • username
  • password
  • registration date
  • some other data like picture, but still when I create the vendor I must reupload

Some vendor attributes are new, so in any case I must check if everything is correct. So i have all subscribers with the data above, but none vendor.

Since I am doing manually that subscribers become vendors using direct registration (I have 3.000 subscribers to change), is there a code snippet that could help so that when vendor is created manually, the correct user registration date that is already in the subscriber is used on “member since” of vendor?

If I had this code, I could correct the problem when I update each subscriber to vendor.

Thank you

In HivePress, vendor profiles are implemented as a custom “hp_vendor” post type, each vendor user has a linked profile in WordPress/Vendors. There are 2 ways to import vendors:

  • Prepare the CSV data for importing “hp_vendor” posts where user IDs are set as authors
  • Import users with Contributor role and their listings, then if you resave at least 1 of their listing the vendor profile will be generated automatically

Hello @yevhen thank you.

I am using ultimate member right now as a profile builder. My users only have a well created profile, but without listings. I purchased hivepress to add this functionality to the website. So I am trying to keep as much as I can from their profile and at the same time making them vendors able to add listings seamlessly.

so according to your instructions. in my case would be:

  • Prepare the CSV data for importing “hp_vendor” posts where user IDs are set as authors

Can you tell me in the image bellow if I should change the user ID or where to change the hp_vendor? I am no technical person at all. If I would be able to at least make the “member since date” correct, togheter with name, email and password, I would be happy already. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this requires some tweaks because in HivePress vendor profiles are stored separately from users, each user with at least 1 listing has a single linked vendor profile (vendors are implemented as a custom “hp_vendor” post type, with the user ID set in “post_author” field). Vendor attributes are stored as post meta (with “hp_attributenamehere” names) or taxonomy terms (with “hp_vendor_attributenamehere” taxonomy names) if attributes are selectable (e.g. Select, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons). If you migrate data from Ultimate Member this would require importing users first (with basic details like the first name, last name, profile description etc) and then their linked vendors.

thank you @ihor @yevhen I will try to find a freelancer on fiverr to help with this.

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