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I have two memberships on my site, both are free. One is for regular users and the other is for individuals who can make listings. I have hidden the ‘Create a Listing’ button from the regular user, and would like to manually approve anyone that uses the membership that can create listings so I can validate their credentials before doing so.

Also, is there a way to make them choose a membership upon logging in for the first time? Right now upon registration and login, it sends them to create a profile. I would like to send them directly to choose a membership before creating a profile.


  1. It’s possible, but only via approving the first listings submitted by users - users get a vendor profile only if the first listing they submit is approved. You can also try using Paid Listings extension to restrict access to adding listings (limit the number of listings or charge users for adding listings), while using Memberships for changing regular users (for viewing the listing/vendor details).

  2. Sorry, there’s no such option at the moment - the registration modal window can appear on any page and there’s no single URL that can be redirected.

Ihor, as far as #2 goes, the problem right now is that the membership option isn’t popping up at all. How do I get that to pop up at signup or after sign-up?

This extension blocks specific pages or details depending on the restrictions you set in HivePress/Settings/Memberships, it doesn’t block the registration itself at the moment. If you want to restrict access to all the listing pages please select All Pages in restrictions, then any user will be redirected to the plans page when trying to search or view listings.

Okay, since I am not restricting anything on my website except the ‘Create a Listing’ button, I will have to manually add new Vendors to the vendor membership to give them access to the create a listing option?

There seems to be a misunderstanding of the Memberships extension purpose - please note that it doesn’t limit adding listings, it limits viewing listing search/category pages or specific listing details (attributes). It can be used if you charge regular users for viewing some valuable details like contact details, it’s mostly used by job boards to charge job seekers so they can view the company info & contact details for a fee. You can use it if you want to charge regular users for accessing the listing search functionality, or viewing the listing details.

The Paid Listings extension implements a different monetization model, it allows charging vendors for adding listings, you can sell listing packages and also charge vendors for making listings features Paid Listings - HivePress Help Center

The Memberships extension doesn’t restrict the Add Listing button, but it’s possible to restrict adding listings using the Paid Listings extension.

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