Membership extension

Hi there!

I‘m wondering if it‘s possible to the following things up with the Membership extension:

One free Plan and one paid plan.

For users the site is completely free, but for vendors there are the two plans available.

  1. Free Plan
    It‘s free to sign up and it‘s also free to submit listings. With the free plan there is only the listing active, but the vendor cannot be contacted through the Messaging button. So there is no button at all.

  2. Paid Plan
    With the paid plan the button „Send a message“ is visible and users can contact the vendor.

Is it possible to set something like this up?

Bonus: Is it possible to have different paid plans where a user can only have 3 active listings at a time for example?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


  1. It’s possible, but via the Paid Listings extension - it’s used to limit adding listings while the Memberships extension is used to charge users for browsing specific pages or details (e.g. listing attributes).

  2. Yes, you can restrict messaging with Memberships.

It’s possible with Paid Listings, but packages don’t limit the current number of listings, each package has a limit used when a listing is added or renewed. When the limit is exceeded, purchasing a new package is required.

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