Membership for freelancers/experts

I would like to purchase ExpertHive but I have few questions:

  • I would like to charge freelancers not just for listing services but also to have a “vendor/expert profile” as a monthly membership. If the freelance is not paying, the freelance is invisible. Is this possible? How?
  • I would like to set the platform free for everyone until I get enough momentum. Is possible to add paid membership at a later stage?
  • I would like to charge freelancers for appears as “Featured expert” in the home page (Top Experts in your live demo). Is this possible? How?
  • I read that automatic renewal of the membership is not yet implemented. What happens to the freelances when the paid month is over?

thank you.

Unfortunately there’s no such monetization model yet, e.g. there’s no recurring billing for memberships. Please try using one of these (or a few combined):

  • Memberships - charge users for viewing listings, vendors or requests, or specific details (e.g. contact details), you can sell specific number of “reveal” actions, for example 100 reveals of the listing details (you can select which attributes should be restricted).

  • Paid Listings - charge vendors for adding or renewing listings. Also, you can charge them to make listings Featured (to show them on the home page and the top of the search results). Each listing package has a specific limit of added/renewed listings, once the limit is exceeded vendors can buy another package.

  • Marketplace - charge a commission on every sale, e.g. payment for a service listing, or a request offer. All the initial payments are sent to you and then vendors can request a payout of their balance (which depends on the commission fees you set).

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