Merge order and booking details

Hi Hivepress Team,

I want to express my gratitude for the amazing work you have done with Hivepress so far. It has been a valuable tool for developing our MVP, fulfilling most of our required features.

However, while customizing and building our marketplace with RentalHive, we have encountered a significant usability challenge concerning the Bookings extension. After going through this community forum, it seems that other users have also raised concerns about the user experience of Bookings/Orders, particularly confusing for our vendors.

Through our user testing, we’re finding that this issue is proving to be a significant obstacle that’s holding us back from launching our platform. We understand that your team is likely aware of this issue and we trust that you’re actively working towards improvements.

Since we don’t have a definite timeline for the updates to the Bookings Extension, we would appreciate it if you could provide guidance for our team to make some temporary modifications to address the following concerns, at least until the official updates are released.

As mentioned by others here, the Bookings page and the Orders section is confusing because it displays important relevant information but the presentation of this information feels disconnected and at times redundant, the Order and Booking Numbers also are mismatched adding to the confusion.

As a temporary solution, could you guide us on how to consolidate the Bookings data into the Order screens? For now, we hope to hide the Bookings page altogether. To illustrate what we’re trying to achieve, please refer to the following mockups from a Vendor’s perspective:

Vendor’s Received Orders Screen

Vendor Received Order Detail Screen, consolidated with Booking’s data

Order Details for Standard Marketplace Fixed-Price Listings is Unchanged

Similarly from the Buyer’s perspective:

Buyer’s Orders Screen

Buyer’s Order Detail Screen, consolidated with Booking’s data

While we understand that complete customization falls outside the scope of support, we strongly believe that the usability problem with the bookings extension needs attention. We would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to improve this issue. Even an example of how we can incorporate the booking data into the order screens would be highly valuable. Once we have a clear direction, our team can handle the implementation of the remaining data and styling.

Please let us know your thoughts and thanks again for the help!


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Yes, we plan to improve the UX by merging both bookings and orders, currently it works this way because the booking marketplace functionality is implemented by 2 separate extensions which don’t rely on each other, but we’ll integrate them better.

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, if you have a developer we can provide some general guidance or you can submit the requirements and we’ll try to estimate them


Hi Ihor,

Thank you for your prompt response and for acknowledging the UX concerns. It’s good to know that improvements are on the horizon.

We do have a developer on our team who is ready to work on this. If you could provide some general guidance on the best place to start, and any suggestions on how to effectively retrieve the booking data, that would be extremely helpful for us.

We understand that there’s no simple code snippet for this and we appreciate your offer to provide an estimate should we need further help. We’ll first attempt to address this issue based on your guidance and, if necessary, we’ll submit a detailed request for assistance with the form you provided.

Thanks again for your support!

The easiest way is probably hiding the Orders menu item (via the hivepress/v1/menus/user_account hook) and adding the order details to the booking page. You can customize the booking page via the hivepress/v1/templates/booking_view_page hook by inserting new blocks or template parts, please check some sample code snippets here Search · user:hivepress templates · GitHub

Hope this helps.

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