Messages not showing on account, not saving

Hi there,

I noticed in the last few days that messages are not showing anymore on vendor profile.

Theme: Experthive 1.0.4
Hivepress Version 1.6.11
HivePress Messages 1.3.0

It is possibile to send and receive messages, there is also notification on email, but it doesnt show on profile. There is no place to answer messages, no link “Messages” on profile.

I noticed also that on the backend it is not possible to save changes like “allow attachments” and “allow monitoring”. After marking as checked and saving, it stays the same.

I have the same website local and on server.

I deactivated plugin by plugin trying to verify, but the error persists.

I don`t know if it is related, but I noticed also that the page to chose the category before adding dettails for new listing is not showing. It goes direclty to the add dettails page for listing.

On 16th august I translated some items on Message extension using loco. Not sure if this could be the problem, if the location of file is wrong. I translated many extensions before, I am just wondering if this could be the reason somehow, or if it is related to the last update of Messages.


Thanks for the details. Translating strings shouldn’t affect the functionality, if you tried to disable all the plugins and code customizations (if there are any) and this issue persists, please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.

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thank you @ihor I will double check the code customizations and send WP access if I cant find the issue.

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