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On my hivepress, the datetime shown for each message is based on the WordPress timezone.

How to do so that it is displayed properly for each user based on his own location ?


There’s no such option at the moment (messages follow the WP timezone in the same way as the blog comments), but we’ll consider adding this improvement - this would require a custom JS script that detects the time zone from the user browser and changes dates/times after the page is loaded.

Hi @yevhen,

I hope you are doing okay. I am having the same issue, and I think this same issue is affecting the booking and synchronization with the google calendar and the theme. What is making the sync USELESS because it is not blocking the timeslots in the timeslot that should be blocked in hivepress.

Can you tell me if there anything that can be done to solve it?

Thank you!

All messages are displayed in the WordPress (website) timezone at the moment, we’ll try to improve this in any case but the time slots export bug is more critical, if you get time slots shifted in Google Calendar please try switching its time zone to UTC as a temporary fix.

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