MOBILE Vendor Page: adding different prices for selected dates

The following bug has been observed for over 6 months. The functionality for a VENDOR to add a higher/lower price for selected dates on a MOBILE phone (a feature that is highly demanded by our vendors), is not working as intended.

## Steps to reproduce

  1. Step: enter your vendor account and click edit listing ON MOBILE!
  2. Step: go to your calendar and select a date.
  3. Step: click on the pricing icon on center, top, left.

## Actual result
No change/response.

## Expected result
Field to add pricing and save.

## Extra details
This has been observed for a while by different users and devices. My previous report was not clear enough. I hope that this can be reproduced locally.

Looking for a speedy fix since this feature is highly demanded during the holiday season.

Thank you so much team HP!

Thank you for the details. Please check the similar topic Special price in the calendar

Hello @yevhen,

Thank you! unfortunately, the topic which you referred to is closed and not solved.
Unfortunately it is not possible to use the feature on the devices we are using for testing.

I will try to collect more details for reference.


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