Monthly subscrioption for packages

I am wondering if there is a CSS code or some other way to remove all their available listings that they purchased on a monthly basis if their subscription is expired. Example if the package includes 15 listings a month and they only used 5 and after the month is over that they would not be able to use the other 10 anymore. Came across this recently where a customers subscription had expired but he was still able to upload another listing without paying for the monthly subscription again.

Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.

And also make it that if they try to upload that they get a message that says they need to pay for their monthly subscription.

If you mean Paid Listings unfortunately there’s no recurring billing yet, it works in a different way than memberships because users can have multiple packages at once (e.g. if you have category-specific packages, or packages that differ in limits). We plan to release a new extension with more advanced monetization features with recurring billing available.


Ok thank you for letting me know. I sure could use that. Hopefully it comes out soon.


ihor, any prediction of this extension?
I’ve been waiting for this for months…

Sorry, I can’t provide an ETA but this extension is already in the works, we’ll try to complete the initial version as soon as it’s possible.

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