More options for automatic payouts

The fact that some people can’t use stripe connect to make automatic payments and have to make payments manually because it’s not supported in their country makes it difficult to earn the trust of their users. Especially in Africa and South America. So giving users or people who intend to use Hivepress more options to choose for automatic payments would be nice and not just stripe connect. It will reduce the work load of transferring money manually and the fact that you have to transfer money earned for a particular task to the vendor manually makes the whole process doubtful for some users. like Paystack accepts payments across Africa and the support split payments too. They’re also affiliated with Stripe.

Secondly, It would be nice if the vendors can also request for payments before the user completes the task to release payments. Just a suggestion. It makes it easier to settle disputes.

Thirdly, it would also be nice if vendors who didn’t make use of paid listing packages when listing their services can promote it later on their page

I really appreciate you guys for all your works :pray:t2:

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to add and maintain as many options as we can for payouts. For example, about 1-2 months ago the only way was Manual, and now there’s a Direct and Stripe options. The Stripe one is not stable yet so it’s in Beta, we’re still collecting feedback.

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