Move attributes on listing submit form

So i would like to move the attributes i have added to the bottom of the form they currently sit above extra items but i would like them to sit under the extra items and above the listing description.

Thanks in advance

You can set the order of an attribute in the Post Attributes section in the right part of an Attribute’s edit page.

But how do I move the original fields if I don’t have them in attributes?

It depends on a custom field, for example, you can you this snippet to Change the description field order in the listing edit form #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Sorry I think there’s been a mix up so I have 3 attribute fields setup but there all showing in the same section of the form but one of them I want to display under the description ?

Please try to use the suggested snippet above but please change 123 to 2000 as the order number for an attribute. Then this field should be under the description field in the form

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