Move the Add Listing button

Bonjour j’aimerai savoir comment modifier le header pour déplacer le bouton de **‘ajout annonce / add listing **’ pour le mettre dans une autre section
Merci d’avance

Hello, I would like to know how to modify the header to move the ‘addition announcement / add listing’ button to put it in another section
Thanks in advance

Please, specify where you’d like to move the “Add Listings” button.

P.S.: we’d be grateful if you wrote your questions in English, e.g., using Google Translate, this way, they may be helpful to some other users on our forum.

thanks for the answer
I would like to move the ‘add listing’ button to another page (category)

Let me know if you mean showing it in the same header section but on the category pages only, or hiding it completely and showing it somewhere in the category page content? The latter one would require code customizations.

You can also add this button to any custom page in WordPress/Pages by using the Button block and this URL:


It always links to the listing submission page.


I just tested it and it works, thank you /
I have another question :sweat_smile: => I want to remove it from the header now

let me reformulate plz I use 3 categories to make ads… Now I want the user to be able to make free ads with the two categories without logging in but for the 3rd I want him to log in (subscribe) to be able to post.

I want to know how to do that because in my site as soon as we want to make an ad it imposes a connection (login or registration) or I want this restriction only on one category

how to bypass?

You can hide the header button this way:

.hp-menu--site-header .hp-menu__item--listing-submit {display:none}

But moving buttons from header to category pages will not restrict users to adding listings to these categories only. I recommend keeping this button in the header section and using Paid Listings extension instead, this way you can add listing packages (even free ones) and assign them to categories you want to restrict. Please note that registering at least basic user account is required for adding any listing in HivePress.


Hello, I hope you are well? Thanks for the solution, it works well!

.hp-menu--site-header .hp-menu__item--listing-submit {display:none}

is there for example a document that contains all these codes?

We have a collection of code snippets here Search · user:hivepress · GitHub Also, if you’re familiar with CSS basics you can use the browser inspector tool to check the element’s CSS class and hide or restyle it easily.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
the last thing I have to do is this==> my site must be in French since the code of hivepress is in English==> I would like to be able to translate the page automatically.

in the image you see the attributes are in English but I would like to know if there is the possibility that it is displayed directly in French
when I try to modify the label in the css code it doesn’t display anymore

Sure, please try using Loco Translate for this purpose How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center Code changes are not required in this case because all the texts in the code are wrapped with translation functions so they are available in Loco Translate.

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Hi the solution worked well, thank you!
Is it possible to validate a registration as we validate listings?

Hi the solution worked well, thank you!
Is it possible to validate a registration as we validate listings? and to be able to list the names of all registered users??? via a db

Currently, there’s no moderation for regular user registrations, but it’s possible for vendors - if you reject the first listing of a user, then they will not get a vendor profile; this way, you can decide which users can become vendors. You can check a list of users in the WordPress/Users section.

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Hello, I hope you are well? I would like to know if it is possible to add a field in the registration/ login form with hivepress @yana @ihor
thank u

Hi! You can add custom attributes in Vendors>Attributes. Then, if you mark any attribute as Required and Editable, vendors will have to set them before adding a listing.

However, if you mean regular users, adding custom attributes isn’t available for regular user profiles yet and may require code customization. For example, you can add the custom code snippet to Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub.

Thank you.
I really apologize for my many questions…But this time at the membership level I would like to hide a page. This page will be only for people who have subscribed/
Except I want instead of people paying they just have to be validated by the admin (as member).

If you have the Memberships extension, please edit the membership plan in Memberships/Plans and select Pages that this plan should restrict, users will be redirected from the selected pages until they purchase a plan.

I’ll try and get back to you