Move the public attribute description to the bottom


How can I move the options description after the listings?


Please try this PHP snippet

	function ($template){
		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
				'blocks' => [
					'page_description' => [
						'_order' => 1000,
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Thanks. It works

I tried entering into function.php and using the snippets plugin but it didn’t work.
What is wrong ?


I used the Code Snippets plugin.

  1. Opened the functions tab.
  2. Wrote the name and inserted the code.
  3. Saved and activated.

Don’t forget to activate it.


thanks for replying.
I’ve tried to follow that method, but it still doesn’t work.
what should i do again ?

Screenshot 2

I am not a programmer. I can recommend this:

  1. Hide the category description using css.
  2. Change the subject.
  3. Contact a freelance programmer or developers.

Does not work for me either. Tried other code snippets for this that I’ve found in the community as well. No success. Can it possibly has anything to do with the TaskHive Theme or any other plugin?

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Additionally , I use the elementor plugin . Because of it, I do not display the h1 header. We have to hide the topic title and declare it in the elementor.

I’m using the Kadence theme. The proposed code works

I corrected the snippet above, the 1000 should be a number instead of a string (without quotes), please check if it works now. It should move the description on the listing page to the bottom.

I tried the above code using the Twenty Twenty theme it worked.
But when using the listinghive theme it doesn’t work.
That means you have to wait for an update from the developer or maybe the developer can provide the code

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