Multilevel taxonomies

Let’s say I want people to choose a category, after that they can choose the type of product (this is the top attribute of the product) and after they choose a type, they should be shown different attributes. That is, if one type of product is selected, for example, let’s call it “product a”, they are shown some additional attributes. When they select “product b”, other attributes of the product are shown.

Is it possible to organize such a thing now? or the theme can’t do that

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Using listings category for the product types (then it’s possible to make other attributes specific to types).
  2. Using a single Select attribute with hierarchical options (for example, Make/Model for cars, where Toyota would be the parent option and Corolla the child one, then users can only select Toyota Corolla and not Ford Corolla).

If I want attributes like this:
Request category

The main attribute
The main attribute
The main attribute

Then click on any of them, and the sub-attributes unique to each main attribute appear

Unfortunately there’s no way to make attributes dependent on other attributes in the current version, please try using categories for the main distinct types (so it’s possible to make other attributes dependant on the selected category), and using multi-level options for other selectable attributes.

Hi. Great plugin. Thanks for the work.

Can you tell will such options (as discribed above by [romayushchuk8]) be possible soon, and if Yes, can you orient us when approximately we can use it.
I need to make classification as at screenshot in attachment file, so I gues the described option is only possible for me.

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately there’s no ETA for this feature yet, but I highly recommend using a single Select field for the Make/Model attributes since these pairs are always unique (e.g. Corolla will always be a sub-item of Toyota, not Ford).

Thanks for the answer.
This is useful when 2 attributes (brand/model) are used. If you add a third attribute, for example, a car equipment (make / model / equipment) - (toyota / corolla / prestige safety 1.6 cvt)
then the select becomes very large.

Thanks, we’ll try to improve the UX of multi-level select fields, or implement dependent attributes. If “prestige safety 1.6 cvt” is unique to Toyota Corolla it’s still possible to add it as a 3 level of options, but yes searching options in this list may not be easy.

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I’ve seen you guys talking. Yeah, dependent attributes are a cool thing. When you don’t have a bunch of unnecessary fields. That’s what I asked for, and it looks like it’s not just my problem. :joy::joy:

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