Multiple bookings on the same day

Good day

How would I offer multiple booking per vendor, not using time slots. (Time slots are too restricted if the vendor has a flexible schedule.

We offer multiple booking per vendor in on the same day, but they are not time specified as the vendors schedules are flexible.

We don’t restrict bookings per slot. Vendor should be offered the option to manage multiple bookings per day or in a single time slot. Based on category

I don’t see the point of restricting the vendor to only receive one booking per day or booking period. The vendor should Have the option to manage his own schedule. Not be limited to the amount of booking he could schedule into on day.

If the vendor has the option to accept or reject bookings, then he should have the option to view multiple bookings over the same period.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

I used the time slots. Created a single time slot for 8hrs.

It allows multiple bookings. It may confuse the buyer in the long run.

I’m still testing.