Multiple Options based on organization type?

I have a client interested in accommodating multiple type of product based on organization type, can this plugin have the capability to deliver that? Example organization tagged as estate agent can only put homes for rent/sell or a community organization to advertise jobs or a tour operator to sell tours?


There’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s possible if you manually moderate listings, e.g. you can check the vendor type and if the allowed listing category is set. It may be also possible with customizations, e.g. using a function that will check the vendor type and block specific categories for these vendors.

So based on the organization, different categories are visible and each category has different form criteria for different product and service?

Is that on top of review feature?

Is that possible? How hard is that to do?

You can already add category-specific fields and search filters How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center but it’s not possible to restrict vendors to adding listings within specific categories (this may be done via manual moderation only, e.g. you can reject listings if vendor tries to add a listing to specific categories). Doing this automatically would require a custom implementation, there’s no such option in Memberships at the moment.

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