Multiple pages for the Home (1 ... 2 ... 3)

hello, is it possible to create multiple pages for the Home (1 … 2 … 3) instead of having an infinite scroll page? Is there a possible snippet for this?

HivePress has no infinite scroll feature, maybe you use a third-party plugin for this? If the front page is a custom page created in WordPress/Pages (e.g. Home) then it shows the page content you add, unfortunately it’s not possible to paginate results in this case. It’s possible only if you set the Listings page as a Home page, but in this case a custom page content will not be displayed (only the listing search layout with listings).

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You can see my site privately, where should I send you the link? The home has an infinite scroll feature, I should have in evidence ads only on the home page + 9 ads (latest ads) per page if possible. Most of the ad sites have the home with 1 … 2 … 3 … also because when they become 10,000 ads it is not nice to see an infinite page. Is this possible with a plugin? Or a snippet?

Please make sure that there’s no third-party plugin that enables infinite scroll because there’s no such feature in HivePress. You can send the website link privately via email

HivePress has pagination on the search and category pages, for example Listings – ListingHive

only the Home has infinite pagination. The others are OK.
In the Hivepress demo you don’t see paginations 1 … 2 … 3 … on the home page.

Yes, on the demo there’s a Listings block added to the home page content, it shows a specific number of listings that you select in the block settings, it has no infinite pagination. HivePress has a regular pagination with page numbers, but only on the archive pages (e.g. category or search pages).

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