Multiple selection field is malfunctioning

The select option has changed. I cant select the multiple options in my attributes and it shouldnt be displaying all the options like this. whats happened ?

I discovered it has to do with a woocommerce recent update. When i deactivate the woocommerce plugin, its normal
Whats the solution ?


It seems to be a JS error that prevents a custom Select UI from being rendered. Please send a link to this page, I’ll try to debug this further.

I sent you an email with the page link for security reasons

It has fixed itself randomly after deactivating and reactivating woocommerce plugin and disabling auto updates for some plugins.

However please still debug my website pages because am not sure if this is why its working again as it could just be a coincidence

At the same time this was happening - these bugs were also present in the mobile version: the menu, filter and list a service button was not responding when clicked and the geolocation stopped working with the map block missing on all pages however that also resolved itself at the same time the select option started working

Thanks for the details, then it most likely was a caching issue, e.g. if the caching plugin merged & minified JS files incorrectly causing errors that blocked all the interactive elements. If this happens again, please purge the JS & CSS cache.