My category images won't display correctly

The images I have added to the media library are well over the set limit for displaying the correct size. I go as far as to manually change the sizes in the media library but as I swap them in and out the image displayed as the header image when clicking the category on the site just won’t display anything other than the same over-sized disproportionate image. What is going on. Is it something I can do or could it be something else?


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you (you can send a screenshot or\and link to your site).

Please upload an image at least 400x533px in size, then WordPress will resize and crop it properly (uploading and cropping images is a core WordPress feature, our plugin just sets the default image sizes). If you upload a smaller image, WordPress will leave it as is.
The cover images (those displayed in the category header) are cropped to 1600x800px, and fill the header content area starting from the top (to leave some space for the parallax effect).

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